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Get an in-stock Riese & Müller at a discount!

We recently acquired a number of R&M bikes with both current and prior year builds and we need to move them fast!  If you know R&M you also know that they rarely go on sale.  This is a one time opportunity to secure an amazing deal!


Discounts range from 20-50% off.  All sales are final and any cosmetic issues are priced in.  Bikes may have some light miles on them already.  Additional accessories are available at regular pricing.

There will be a $30 e-bike battery recycling fee charged per battery.  For these bikes, we will offer a 1.75% discount for payments made in cash, via Zelle, cashier's check, or personal check (bike can be picked up after the payment clears).

Need help transporting the bike?  We offer delivery services for a fee and also stock e-bike rated hitch racks.

For ongoing service, we offer two free services for these bikes, one allotment at 125 miles and one at 1,250 miles from the original mileage at pickup. The first service is a review to ensure the bike is still fully operational from when you picked up the bike, the second service is a full service which includes adjustments your bike may need after riding 1,250 miles. This includes all adjustments we offer with a full tune up, including a light cleaning of the bike.  Replacement of worn parts and excessive cleaning are services we offer at a cost.  The services expire based on odometer reading, if your odometer is within 20% of those mile markers the service will still be completed, if you have exceeded beyond the twenty percentile differential then the service is null/void/expired.

**Note that pricing is subject to change without notice as we check over the bikes and confirm specs, accessories, and condition**

CLICK HERE for Details and Pricing